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The Meulenhof
Meulenhof’s earliest record of existence dates from 2nd March 1337, when it was pledged by Countess Loretta and Count Johann of Sponheim to Knight Konrad of Lösenich. In 1477, the counts of Sponheim transferred the property the Cistercian Convent of Machern, when the Meulenhof was used as a corn farm and mill.

The convent ownership lasted until 1802, when, as part of Napoleonic secularization, large parts of church property passed into the hands of commoners. As a result, Matthias Josef Hein, a merchant of Trier, acquired the Meulenhof by an auction bid of 5,250 Francs. In 1804, he sold it to Johann Josef and Bernhard Schmitges. In 1883, the heiress to Meulenhof, Gertrud Schmitges, married Johann Ehlen. In 1919, when their daughter, Maria Ehlen, married Stefan Justen, the Meulenhof was part of her dowry.

Since 1950, the property has been owned by their son Heinz Justen and in 1990, his son, Stefan Justen took charge of the wine growing estate.