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The distillery
The ability to concentrate the aromas of fruit in the alcohol, which appears to be a simple process, is in fact an art requiring great delicacy and skill. The secret of quality lies in the careful interplay of many factors. The use of fruit of maximum ripeness drawn from the bounty of nature, the most careful crushing and fermenting of the fruit, the judging of the perfect time for the destillation process and the careful control of temperature all contribute to the special quality of our products.
Maybe it is not quite so simple as it seems, after all.

Since 1932, Meulenhof has been making Schnaps. This is a special right which is granted only to a vineyard and which may only be exercised in the West and South of Germany in this way.
In the distillery, the grapes are ultimately processed. The juice of the grapes goes towards wine making, then the skins ( leftovers from pressing the grapes) are crushed and refined as must brandy (in other countries known as Marc or Grappa). After several years of storage in wooden barrels, it has matured to a special quality.

Equally suitable for distilling are the yeasts from fermentation. The yeast brandy or the herbal brandy based on yeast brandy are to be enjoyed by connoisseurs of the finest palate. Apple and pears are the classics amongst the fruit brandies. Double distillation creates a unique experience.

The Williams pear, being the fruit with the richest aroma, is probably the best known pear brandy. It is a fine and soft brandy with a lingering taste.

The Mirabelle brandy provides a feast for the senses. With its exquisit aromas, it belongs to the ’’aristocracy“ of brandies.