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Viniculture in our vineyards
Traditional cultivation according to modern guidelines.
1. The trimming of the vines

One of the first jobs in the beginning of the wine year, is to cut the vines back to one shoot and thus encourage rejuvenation. This process of trimming the vines takes place between December and February.
After trimming, a vine now trained onto a wire construction looks as shown in the picture.

2. The tying of the vine

The bending and securing of the remaining shoot from the previous year is called “tying” (,,Binden”). The shoots are tied down in such a way that the grapes are in a perfect position for the maturation process. The tying of the vines usually takes place during March and April.

3. Soil preparation

At the same time as tying the vines, the soil of the vineyard is prepared. The cut-offs from the vines, which so far have covered the ground of the vineyard, are collected and shredded to a bio-mulch, which through natural rotting provides nourishment and humus for the vines. According to the requirements of the cultivated area and the property of the soil, a deep digger is used to loosen the ground down to a depth of 50-60 cm and thus ensures a good aeration of the soil. The spring rains can then penetrate the soil more effectively and form water reservoirs in the ground, which are vital for plant growth.

4. Nurturing the new shoots

Between May and end of September the new shoots grow into vines. During this time, the shoots have to be handled several times. The vines are tied securely to the wire constructions in order to avoid breakage during wind and storm. Besides spraying for plant protection, work has to be done on greening and leaf cutting during this growth period of the vines. In order to carry out this work, in the low sites, special machines are used attached to a slim line tractor. On the steep slope, a special steep slope mechanized system comes into action.

5. The harvest

The most familiar work of a vintner is the harvesting of grapes. On the highly valued harvest from the steep slopes of our vineyard, we rely as in earlier times on manual labour. The harvesting carried out by hand makes a selection according to requirements possible and forms the basis for continuous quality.