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Wine tasting
When you try a wine, many factors come into play. Here, we would like to give you some hints and tips how to proceed during a wine tasting.

During a wine tasting, our three senses sight, smell and taste are tested.

1. The appearance
colour:watery, light, dark, greeny/greeny-yellow, pale yellow, straw-yellow, golden, amber
clarity:bright, radiating, shimmering, clear, dull, lusterless, opaque
consistency:watery, thin, normal, oily, streaky, syrupy

2. The bouquet
general impression:faulty, musky, dull, acidic, perfumed, neutral, clean, pure, appealing, spicy, distinct, strong
intensity:distinct, strong, weak
aromas:pleasant, harmonic, delicate, mellow, fruity, mineral, flowery, herbaceous, earthy, woody, smoky

3. The taste
sweetness:delicately sweet, sugary, mellow, semi dry, dry, balanced
acidity:flat, mild, refreshing, distinct, racy, robust, fine, piquant, harmonic, tart, aggressive
body:this is the interplay of extract and alcohol, also the volume which can be bulky, luscious, mighty, juicy, round, full, strong, medium, graceful, light, slim thin or weak
aromas:agreeable, harmonic, delicate, mellow, fruity, mineral, flowery, herbaceous, earthy, wooden, smoky