Weingut Meulenhof

The Makers

Helma Justen & Stefan Justen

The History

The first known
document mentioning the Meulenhof
dates back to March 2, 1337.
Aa a part of the
Cistercian monastery of Machern,
it was used as a fruit and
mill. In
during the Napoleonic secularization,
like many church properties,
is was passed into bourgeois hands.
In 1804 Johann
Joseph and Bernard Joseph
Schmitges acquired the Meulenhof.

Three generations later,
the heiress Gertrud Schmitges married
Johann Ehlen in 1883. Their
daughter Maria Ehlen brought the
estate into her marriage with Stephan Justen
in 1919.
The Meulenhof was taken over
by their son Heinz Justen
in 1950 and since 1990
his son Stefan has been managing the
Meulenhof winery.

Our wines can be auctioned by
the oldest wine auctioneering society in Germany. Since joining in 1900, we are one of its oldest members and take pride in our commitment to quality.

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